Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Coat - Marvin
Pants - Neon Hart
Bag - Oroton
Shoes - Topshop
Stack rings & sunglasses - Sportsgirl

I received an invite to a show at MBFWA in the mail today and that's when it really hit home - I'm not going to Fashion Week. I'm not going to Fashion Week because I'll be in Bali... eating banana pancakes and sipping on cocktails at Ku De Ta

Of course, I'll be living vicariously through the marvelous blogs of my fellow Aussies and the international superstars who are due to hit our shores for the big event (hello Susie Bubble!). But, the fact of the matter is, it's just not the same. All the online coverage, blog photos and street style snaps on the WWW just can't capture the truly exhilerating essence of being there in the flesh. 

As a consolation, I decided to play dress ups and hypothetically plan my outfits anyway. 

So, here is day one - dressed in a dreamy tailored coat with leather detail by Sydney label Marvin and one of my two favourite new pairs of pants (the second pair are for day two, hold your horses!). 

Seriously, the coat is what dreams are made of! Marvin have nailed it with the oversized fit and leather arm panels.  

What are you planning to wear to Fashion Week? Tell me, I promise I won't get jealous or be hatin'. x

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Michelle's Style File said...

These heels look amaze!


Erin Z said...

Aww, that's really too bad. Wish I was going to MBFW too! Alas I'm stuck in the west. Nevertheless, you look gorgeous as usual!

alannah. said...

love the heel on your shoes, gorgeous. & that coat is something special i would looooove it. the black tips just transport it from being a mundane trench to being that little bit more special.
have fun in bali, will be amazing!!x


Joseph Dang said...

Deciding what I'm wearing for fashion week has been the most stressful thing. :(

Estherina said...

Love the shoes!

Step into Estherina's World

amanda said...

This look is amazing!

Tala said...

That coat is awesome, love the leather details!


Sophia said...

Girl you are too gorgeous and I can't believe you won't be there next week! :( Come to Sydney soon! xxxx

Jessie said...

You look so great, love the pants on you!

Yuka said...

you look INSANELY cool.

Angela said...

Woman,, this outfit is KILLER. The pants, the coat, the shoes...... LOVE.
Have a cracker holiday love.

A x

Alice McGenniss-Destro said...

WOW - street style bloggers would be queuing to take your photo in this Carmen!

I'm currently outfit-less & need one for each day next week! I'll definitely be borrowing some inspiration from your latest. enjoy Bali x x

FAIIINT said...

That coat is beautiful! Had to check out the label & now I just want everything! Gorgeous collection!
I've been thinking about getting those Topshop sandals for a while & now you've just sold me on them! :)

nicole said...

That coat is ridiculously great.

So sad you won't be at MBFWA but you'll definitely be there in spirit. On the plus side, you'll also have a rad tan when you get back and we'll as be pasty as.


Nicole said...

That coat is to die for!!

xx Nicole

clothesculture said...

Tartan pants are a definite yes!

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scotchstainedsocks.com said...

I love this outfit! That coat is seriously awesome, it sits so nicely.

danielle said...

you are STUNNING! get em girl.